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Sonara Cameroon Jobs

SONARA Cameroon; the Cameroon oil refinary company, is always open to receiving applications from Job seekers whose skills are relevant to their company.

So any job seeker who wish to apply for a position at SONARA Cameroon can freely apply for such a position anytime.

You can either go to the SONARA Company and submit your application or you can simply apply online via the SONARA Cameroon Website. Click here—->> to submit your Cover letter and CV to SONARA.

After you have submitted your application, please be patient. It may take some time for you to get a reply.

The SONARA human resource managers, go through every application. if your skills are relevant, they will certainly give you a call or Email you.

Skills like Health and safety management, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management etc are highly sought after by the company.

So if you are really serious about working with SONARA Cameroon, then you need to carry out research to find out those skills that are highly relevant to Oil Refinaries like SONARA Cameroon. Then get certifications for those essential skills. After you have acquired those essential skills getting a Job with SONARA  Cameroon becomes as easy as breathing. You just need to apply for internship at SONARA. If your application is accepted,there is a high probability of getting a job at SONARA after your Internship is over.

There,s a popular saying in pidgin that “once your head don enter then the whole body go enter”.

Based on my experience, as a job finder, these are the certifications that SONARA Cameroon respect.

  • Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate issued by Nebosh

Oil Rifinaries are one of those working environments prone to so many risk. So the oil Refinaries are constantly in need of the services of health and safety managers that will help minimize these risk .Due to the above fact, a certificate or diploma from Nebosh; (the leading provider and trainer of Health and Safety experts world wide), will greatly boost your chances of getting a job in SONARA Cameroon.

Courses leading to NEBOSH qualifications attract around 50,000 candidates annually and are offered by over 600 course providers, with exams taken in over 120 countries around the world.

  • Project Management Professionals. issued by PMI Institute London.

Big Companies are always searching for project managers that will manage their multi-million dollar projects. PMI institute is the leading provider of project management certifications. Their certifications are highly recongnised and respected by the big companies (including SONARA).With a PMI certification behind your name, you can work in virtually any industry, anywhere in the world, and with any project management methodology.

You can acquire this certification through E-learning(self-study online). There are lots of PMI examination centers in Cameroon. After you have acquired the knowledge required to sit for the Project Management Institute Exam, you can go to one of those testing centers and take the exam. If you pass the exam, the



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