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Why you can,t get a job in Cameroon

Every company always have rooms for new employees.The main reason why many people find it very difficult to get a job is because their skills are totally irrelevant to the needs of the company they applied for job(s).

Due to the fact that every company is always seeking for ways to boost their success, there will always be vacancy for those people whose skills will help them to boost their success or give them an upperhand over their competitors.

So when you apply for a job in a company and you don,t get any reply from the company, there,s always a higher probability that your skills are irrelevant to the company than the unavailability of vacancy in the company.

If you really wish to get employed by a particular company, the 3 essential questions you should ask yourself include;

– What can i contribute to help boost the success of this company.
– What are their problems? and
– what are their objectives?.

After getting answers to those 3 essential questions, it will be very easy to pursue skills (knowledge) and certifications relevant to the company you wish to work with.

For example if i wish to get a job in Eneo Cameroon, i will simply ask myself these 3 essential question.

– What can i contribute to help boost the success of Eneo Cameroon?

– What are their problems?. In Cameroon almost everybody knows that frequent power outage is the major problem that this electricity company has. If your skills can bring solution to this Eneo cancer, the company can even kidnap you to give you a job lol.

– What are the objectives of Eneo Cameroon?. You will need to know their objectives in order to write a compelling motivation letter and to pursue knowledge that will help you to work in harmony with the company in the realisation of the company,s goals.

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