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Eneo Cameroon Jobs

Eneo Cameroon; the electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution company in Cameroon, is always open to receiving applications from Job seekers whose skills are relevant to their company.

So any job seeker who wish to appy for a position at Eneo Cameroon can freely apply for such a position anytime.

Cover letters and CVs are received at Eneo services, at the gate of the Campus de Koumassi, Douala OR at the gate of each of the regional departments or Eneo’s website: www.eneocameroon.cm (contact@eneo.cm).

Please take note that there are many people online who claim to be Job agents. Those so called job agents will ask you to pay a certain amount so that they can submit your application to Eneo,s head office or even secure you a job with Eneo Cameroon. Do not pay any money. Submission of application to Eneo is free and you can easily apply at the Eneo Cameroon Website.

Again take note that only the human resource managers at Eneo can guarantee you a Job at Eneo. Beware of people who claim to know the back door.

Just simply submit your application and be patient. The Eneo employers, go through every application. if your skills are relevant, they will certainly give you a call or Email you.

Skills like Health and safety management, Electrical Engineering, project management etc are highly sought after by the company.

So if you are really serious about working with Eneo Cameroon, then you need to carry out research to know the skills that are highly relevant to electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution companies like Eneo Cameroon. Then get certifications for those essential skills. After you have acquired those essential skills getting a Job with Eneo Cameroon becomes as easy as breathing.

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