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Beac Cameroon Recruitment

BEAC Cameroon Recruitment  2016: BEAC is organizing a competitive examination in view of recruiting Mid Supervisory Staff, preceded by a three month internship.

The competitive examination is exclusively open to citizens of CEMAC member States who are endowed with their full civic rights and are aged at most 35 on February 1st 2016.

Good working knowledge of MS Office kit is required for all the professions of the Central Bank: Word and Excel as well as the mastery of specialized software.

Successful Candidates shall be required to work primarily in their country of origin.

Candidates shall apply for the positions open in their own countries only.

In CAMEROON, the following positions are open:

2 positions for Graphic Design Technicians (pre-press)

  • HND, Foundation degree in Visual Communication, Editing or Graphic Industry.
  • BEAC.01-16@apavecameroun.com

2 positions for Graphic Design Technicians – OFFSET Operators  

  • HND, Foundation degree in Publishing or Graphic Industry with a major in manufacturing of printed products, or HND in electrotechnics / electromechanics. A one-year experience in a printing company is required.
  • BEAC.02-16@apavecameroun.com

25 postes for Accountants – BEAC Recruitment Cameroon 2016

  • HND, Foundation degree or Bachelor in Accounting or Accounting and Finance, Banking and Finance with a major in Accounting, ACCA.
  • BEAC.03-16@apavecameroun.com

1 position for Actuarial Officer

  • Bachelor in Insurance Sciences and Technics.
  • BEAC.04-16@apavecameroun.com

2 positions for Jurists – BEAC Recruitment Cameroon 2016

  • Foundation degree or Bachelor in Private Law.
  • BEAC.05-16@apavecameroun.com

19 positions for Executive Secretaries  

  • HND, Foundation degree or Bachelor in Office Administration, Office Management, Administration and IT.
  • BEAC.06-16@apavecameroun.com

1 position for Electrotechnician  

  • HND or Foundation Degree in Electrotechnics.
  • BEAC.07-16@apavecameroun.com

12 positions for IT Technicians  

  • HND, Foundation Degree, Bachelor in Computer programming, Information systems, Information Safety, IT and networks maintenance, Software engineering.
  • BEAC.09-16@apavecameroun.com

15 positions for Business Managers – Financial Analysts  

  • Bachelor in Management, Banking and Finance.
  • BEAC.010-16@apavecameroun.com

6 positions for Statisticians – BEAC Recruitment Cameroon 2016

  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics.
  • BEAC.011-16@apavecameroun.com

1 position for Documentalist / Archivist  

  • HND, Foundation Degree Bachelor or Bachelor in Information Technology or Documentary Information.
  • Mastery of dedicated softwares.
  • BEAC.012-16@apavecameroun.com

3 positions for Economists – BEAC Recruitment Cameroon

  • Bachelor in Economics.
  • BEAC.013-16@apavecameroun.com

1 position for Human Resources Officers  

  • HND, Foundation degree or Bachelor in Human Resources Management
  • BEAC.014-16@apavecameroun.com.

NB. Candidates shall not apply for more than one position ; only if the position is open in their country of origin.

Required documents for BEAC Recruitment Cameroon 2016-2017:

  • Application form in Word format downloadable onwww.apaveinternational-consulting.com,
  • certified Copy of the required diploma,
  • Copy of National Identity Card.
  • Attachments shall not exceed 9 Mo total.
  • A criminal record will subsequently be requested from candidates admissible to the oral tests.

Submission of applications: by email to the dedicated address Deadline: February 29th, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

The email subject must contain the reference and denomination of the position. Only complete Applications complying with the above indications shall be considered, all attachments to be sent in a single mail. Eligible candidates only will be contacted.

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